Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rui Sasaki

Rui Sasaki, Glass MFA 2010



Glass is transparent, sometimes unseen and sometimes seen. "Transparent" is invisible to the eyes but is also inexplicably dense. When Rui Sasake makes the "Transparent" visible she magnifies the sense of smell, hearing and touch so she can better perceive what happens in the world.


The dirt ball is made by her hand. 100 percent is dirt. It is just the size of her hand. She follows her childhood memory from kindergarten of how to make the shiny dirt ball. Her childhood memory is related to and based on her senses of smell, taste, touch, sound and sight, which are vital in her life. Making the dirt ball is one of the most repressed memories of her childhood. She does not have any memories in the US, which is an extreme situation for her. Memories construct her life and body. She cannot survive if she does not have memory at all. Making the shiny dirt ball is an "exercise" to remember her memory and to sustain her life. A dirt ball becomes her life as an object.

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