Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rose Simpson, Jess Riva Cooper, and Fonda Yoshimoto

Rose Simpson, Ceramics MFA 2011

Jess Riva Cooper, Ceramics MFA 2010

Fonda Yoshimoto, and Ceramics MFA 2010



In the pueblo southwest, the tradition of Bpeni-we Geh honors the dead. The belief is that the deceased will continue to need sustenance in the afterlife, however food must be delivered to the dead in a very specific way. A pot is made with care and contemplation for the deceased loved one, and left unfired. Food is collected and placed within this vessel and broken, allowing both food and vessel to travel to the other side, the afterlife.


This installation is inspired by the Bpeni-we Geh traditions. Simpson, Cooper, and Yoshimoto will use clay to make small vessels as part of a daily ritual, continually adding to the installation. These simple objects are made with reverence, in contemplation of a loved one who has passed, or to support someone else who has suffered a loss.

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