Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lauren Tickle

Lauren Tickle, Jewelry & Metalsmithing MFA 2009



I think weathered means to have survived, as in weathered the storm. If someone is weathered they have survived the storms of their life and they have the marks to show it. – Aliza Schiff


To show visible signs of experiencing something challenging – Jane-Marie Ovanin


Something that has been around for a long time

Someone has lived a long time so the newness is gone and you start to look old – Judy Geurts


Organic decay sustained over a long period – William Russell


Physical manifestation of how hard the body has worked over a lifetime  –Heather Lee


Life-altering experiences have been witnessed.  Innocence is gone. – Lauren Tickle


Record of incremental change left on the built environment by its inhabitants. -Jonathan M. Olly


Old and faded due to exposure both physically and emotionally by life experiences, relationships, and or hard labor.  –Max


Someone who has lived and experienced life… someone who is worn with age. –Meinda Byam


Experience and meaning, wisdom in experience -  Alissa Wassung


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