Saturday, November 21, 2009

Heath Ballowe and Fonda Yoshimoto

Heath Ballowe, Printmaking MFA 2010 

Fonda Yoshimoto, Ceramics MFA 2010

Immortality Through Regeneration

Heath Ballowe and Fonda Yoshimoto both use memory as a starting point in their work. In Immortality Through Regeneration, the idea of memory carries over as they explore the impressions we leave behind as we live our lives. Our impressions can be permanent or ephemeral and are evidence of where we have been and where we are going. At first glance the piece appears to be an open sarcophagus, but upon closer examination, the interior space contains the earth inside with the impressions of two bodies with the life masks of the artists. One can imagine the body sinking into the earth leaving this marking behind. This container is representative of more than death as the human form becomes a place for something to grow and transform into something living. The permanence of the life masks slowly becomes obscured, swallowed into the earth over time.

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